Thinking is one of the most powerful actions anyone can engage in. Thinking determines who you are; the Bible confirms that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Your thinking yesterday is directly connected to who you are today, what you think on consistently becomes your words and when you begin to speak what you are thinking, it goes into your innermost being – your subconscious mind (your heart), eventually you will always attract into your physical reality what you have in your innermost being – your subconscious mind.

Thinking is great work, those who don’t know it is great work are those who do not engage in it intentionally, so they have no clue as to the enormity of work involved in it, it reminds me of a quote by Albert Einstein “Thinking is hard work, that’s why few people do it”. Everybody engages in thinking but not everybody is intentional or conscious about what they think. If you are not intentional and mindful about your thought life, your mind will be invaded and taken over by negative forces until you are no more in control of yourself.

Thinking can be looked at in diverse ways, we can refer to thinking as an act of producing thoughts or the process of producing thoughts, for example when you think on a particular subject or issue of concern, your mind starts to produce series of thoughts in line with that issue, one thought leads to another thought on that subject matter or any related matters, and it can be ongoing depending on how engrossed one gets. Thinking can be on negative things which produces more negative thoughts, and also it can be positive thoughts, which will in turn produce more positive thoughts.

You do not perceive the world around you the way it is, you perceive the world the way you are on the inside, our thinking basically conditions who we are on the inside and we see the world around us based on who we are on the inside.

Many experiments have been performed by groups of men and scientists over the past years to unravel the mystery of mind conditioning. One of these experiments was meant to see how a rat will behave after been released from bondage; a large transparent glass bowl was placed over the rat, a piece of food was placed in front of the rat but there was a thin transparent glass that was used to demarcate the food from the rat under the large transparent glass bowl. Each time the rat tried to go for the food, he always met the brick wall, and even though he could see the food, he could not get to it. He did this over and over for a number of days, until it became a habit that when he got to the demarcation line, he turned right back without any resistance or force, it got to a stage that the rat never even got to the thin demarcation before he turned back. One day the demarcation was removed, one would think the rat will go and grab the food to eat, but whenever he got to the line where the thin transparent demarcation was, he turned back. He starved so much until he was rescued, he never went beyond the PERCEIVED demarcation, because he had self-programmed that the demarcation would always be there to prevent him from getting to the food.
This is the exact story of most folks today, our environment has programmed our thinking and our thinking has programmed us on the inside not to be able to go beyond a certain limit, not because an obstacle is there, but because as he thinks in his heart so he is (Proverbs 23:7).

Folks its time to break the barriers in our hearts, its time to press forward, its time to take over the territories that God has given us. Feed more on the word of God, confess His words over your soul, command your soul to obey His word, do all this until the PERCEIVED chains are broken off your neck.


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